Choosing the Right Ice Machine

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Ice Maker and Ice Machine sizing guide: Every organization differs and needs special factors when sizing ice-making equipment.

There are lots of types or ice machines in the following paragraphs we'll cover probably the most broadly used ice machines and ice makers. You will find three fundamental kinds of ice available, Cube, Flaked (Crushed) & Nugget ice. Probably the most generally used ice will probably be your standard cubed ice which is used in restaurants, hotels & hospitals. You will find three fundamental kinds of ice machines you Under counter Ice machines. Countertop Ice Machines, Modular Ice Machines,

Under Counter Ice Machines: The under counter ice machines mostly are employed for under bar installations, small restaurants and food service applications. These ice machines come in a number of sizes in most cases have a small storage capacity unlike the modular units that permit you to store considerable amounts of ice.

Countertop Ice Machines: The counter ice machines are often employed for hospitals and walk up counters were customers and employees goes to retrieve ice and water. These kinds of ice machines are often engineered with an integrated ice and water dispenser.

Portable ice maker: The ice maker you can carry with to anywhere that is called portable ice maker. The portable ice maker mechanism easy to use, simply push button control. Today you can find many top portable ice maker in the market.

Modular Ice Machines: The module ice machines are the most typical and broadly utilized design. These ice machines will allow you to create a custom ice solution with respect to the quantity of ice needed to become created and kept in confirmed round-the-clock period. The modular ice machines utilized two components the mind unit and ice bin. The mind units can be found from a multitude of manufactures and may produce from the low as 300lbs of ice per round-the-clock period up to 2400lbs of ice. The modular units could be fitted with numerous ice bins raging form 200lb storage capacity up to 2000lbs of ice storage. The modular systems are often present in hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, cafeterias, schools, construction sites, colleges, bars and dance clubs.

Ice Machine Cooling Methods

Ice machines come in a number of cooling methods water-cooled, air cooled, and remote air-cooled unit. The most typical of these will the environment-cooled ice machines since it keeps water consumption low over a water-cooled unit that will consume more water. Based on the local rules and water consumption limitations is the reason why most proprietors choose the air-cooled unit.

Typical Restaurant and Food Service Requirement Guide:

Restaurants 1.7 lb (.8 kg) per customer or 5. lb (2.3 kg) Per seat.

Cocktail Lounge 3 lb (1.4 kg) per person.

Salad Bar Add 35 lb (15.9 kg) per cubic feet of display. Multiply by two or three based on believed refills needed.

Junk Food .9 lb (.4 kg) per customer or 7.4 lb per seat. Use 2 oz. per 8-10 oz. drink 4 oz. per 12 to 16 oz. drink.

Supermarkets / CUSTOMER SELF-SERVICE 4 oz. per 12 oz. drink 7 oz. per 20 oz. drink 10 oz. per 32 oz. drink. Cold plate 'Äì add 50% more.

Healthcare Needs 7 lb (3.2 kg) per patient bed. Use 2 lb (.9 kg) per worker.

LODGING & HOTELS 3 lb (1.4 kg) per guest room. Intend on substantially more if visitors are permitted to ice chests.

For brand new locations, make use of the guidelines below.

You might want to add 10-20% for growth or add for unusual kinds of volume needs (Ex: icing lower drink barrels, bagging ice for resale). For any substitute unit, make sure to inquire if the present unit met the operator' needs. Otherwise, add the quantity of ice being purchased towards the capacity from the existing unit to find out necessary production for that new unit.